Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Studies on Load-Moment Interaction Diagrams Using a Nonlinear Layered Method and Based on a True Load Eccentricity    Ph.D    Hosseini Tabatabaei, Mahmoud Reza    2010-09-21
2    Bond strength between UHPC and steel/FRP reinforcing bars    M.Sc.    khavaniki, seyed mohamad amin    2011-02-20
3    Using of smart materials for strengthening of old buildings    M.Sc.    alamalhodaee, s morteza    2011-06-07
4    Influence of Excitation Systems on the Dynamic Behaviour of Test Structures in Modal tests    M.Sc.    Modaresnezhad, Minoo    2011-09-11
5    Effect of wet conditions on the Durability of Bond Between CFRP and Concrete    M.Sc.    Danaei, Sara    2011-09-11
6    Connections of Precast Reinforced Concrete flexural members using Ultra High Performance Concrete    Ph.D    Rakhshani Mehr, Mehrallah    2012-01-09
7    Structural behavior based on new processing methods of modal data    M.Sc.    jahangir, hashem    2012-01-23
8    nonlinear analysis of cables    Ph.D    naghavi riabi, alireza    2012-02-13
9    Modeling of reinforced concrete coupling beams in coupled shear walls    M.Sc.    rasouli, maryam    2012-03-12
10    Study the flexural behaviour of composite slab with steel deck    M.Sc.    aghighi, milad    2012-06-09
11    Effect of Joint Core Strength on Cyclic Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Connections    M.Sc.    hassany, mahdi    2012-06-11
12    Experimental Analysis For Steel Congestion Relief In Concrete Structures    M.Sc.    Pourhassan, Alireza    2012-06-25
13    Physical and mechanical behavior of concrete containing Nano-particles    M.Sc.    nadi abiz, mohammadreza    2012-11-20
14    Behaviour of concrete deep beams with opening    M.Sc.    moradi, mahdi    2012-11-20
15    Repair of concrete members using repair materials containing nanoparticles    M.Sc.    dalir kalateh, abbas    2012-12-03
16    size effects on bond-slip of reinforced concrete connection    M.Sc.    Mirakhorli, Aliakbar    2013-01-07
17    The Study of Interaction Between Concrete Shear walls and Floor Slabs    M.Sc.    tavakol, masoomeh    2013-01-07
18    Modeling and Seismic Investigation of Precats Concrete Moment Resisting Frames    M.Sc.    Saghi, Samira    2013-01-07
19    Flexural Strengthening of RC Beams using Near Surface Mounted Manually Made FRP Rods (NSM-MMFRP Rods)    M.Sc.    Banijamali, Seyyed Mohammad    2013-01-30
20    Flexural and Shear Performance of High Strength Lightweight Reinforced Concrete Beams    M.Sc.    rabbani, mojtaba    2013-02-18
21    Buckling Analysis of Stiffened Cylindrical Shells under Combined Axial and Lateral Loadings    M.Sc.    Moaven, Arash    2013-04-22
23    Effect of Arrengment of Tensile Reinforcement on Debonding of FRP Sheets in RC Beams    M.Sc.    norouzi, reihaneh    2013-05-27
24    Effects of lightweight aggregates in self-consolidating concrete    M.Sc.    mohandesi, ali    2013-05-27
25    Seismic Damage Evaluation of RC Structural Systems Before and After Retrofitting    M.Sc.    Shabani, Milad    2013-06-03
26    Investigation of reinforced concrete floor diaphragms interaction with lateral load resistance system subjected to seismic forces    M.Sc.    Rohani, Mohammad Mahdi    2013-06-15
27    Mechanical properties of Self-Compacting Concrete Reinforced with Polypropylene Fibers    M.Sc.    pourali, hossein    2013-06-19
28    Moment redistribution in continuous reinforced concrete beams    M.Sc.    alizadeh, leila    2013-08-16
29    Analysis Of Cracks In Concrete Dams) Fracture Mechanics Approach(    M.Sc.    Rezaee Azariani, Hossein    2013-08-29
30    Structural Behavior of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Members (SFRC)    M.Sc.    MORIDI, ALI    2013-09-09
31    Progressive Collapse assessment of Reinforced Concrete Structures    M.Sc.    ziaalhagh, seyed mohammad saeed    2013-09-23
32    Made of high strength concrete shear shear wall analysis, finite element method    M.Sc.    esmailzadehshahri, effat    2013-11-06
33    Investigation of Moisture and Preloading Effects on Flexural Behavior of Reinforced Beams with FRP    M.Sc.    Mousavinezhad, Seyedsaleh    2013-12-02
34    Investigation On Behavior Of Doubly Reinforced Concrete Slabs Subjected To Blast Loads    M.Sc.    kazemi nooghabi, saeedeh    2013-12-30
35    Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Columns Subjected to Blast Loading    M.Sc.    Abdi Kabodan, Azam    2013-12-30
36    Response Investigation of Lattice Towers in Wind Turbine, Considering Joint Slippage Effect    Ph.D    Yaghoobi, Saleh    2014-01-15
37    Investigation of the effect of stirrup spacing and cover of reinforced concrete columns strengthened with NSM method and CFRP wrapping tested under lateral reversal and axial loading    M.Sc.    sadeghi golmakani, saeideh    2014-01-27
38    Performance evaluation of important structures and improvement of their performance levels by the use of seismic base isolators.    M.Sc.    nikkhah, shahram    2014-01-29
39    Cracked finite elements for fracture mechanics applications    Ph.D    Kamali, Amin    2014-02-02
40    Coupled concrete shear wall with composite coupling beams    M.Sc.    Naghizadeh, Soroush    2014-02-02
41    Geometrically Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Cylindrical Structures Using Meshless Method    Ph.D    Ghadiry Rad, Mohammad Hossein    2014-10-18
42    The Analysis of Plates with Openings and Stiffeners subjected to Blast Loads    M.Sc.    nouri, younes    2014-10-21
43    Effect of FRP composite materials on resistence and reduction of chloride penetration to concrete    M.Sc.    farahmandrad, mahdi    2014-11-11
44    Investigation of tension-stiffening of Ultra-High performance concrete reinforced by steel and GFRP bars    Ph.D    rahdar, hosseinali    2014-11-19
45    Progressive Collapse of Reinforced Concrete Structures    M.Sc.    soleymani, atefeh    2014-12-15
46    Damage detection on slabs using modal analysis    M.Sc.    pahlevan mosavari, mahsa    2014-12-29
47    Structural Strengthening and Rehabilitation using a Newly-Developed Type of Fiber Composites    Ph.D    jahangir, hashem    2015-04-16
48    Assessment of proggresive collapse of reinforced concrete members in frames with different geometries    M.Sc.    Ataei, Mahdi    2015-04-30
49    Damage detection on RC frame using modal analysis    M.Sc.    amiripoor, fatemeh    2015-06-22
50    Seismic Application of SMAs Rebar    M.Sc.    hossein nezhad, mahdi    2015-07-23
51    The effect of tensile reinforcement arrangement on concrete rip-off failure in the RC beams strengthened with FRP strips    M.Sc.    sabzi, javad    2015-09-21
52    An experimental investigation on the behavior of concrete beams using Shape Memory Alloys    M.Sc.    Farahi, Behrouz    2015-09-21
53    Retrofit of Reinforced Concrete Structures Using Prestressed Cables    M.Sc.    mirzaei baghini, mojtaba    2015-09-21
54    Punching Shear Strength Of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Slabs Without Stirrups    M.Sc.    khajeh mahmoud abadi, amir mohammad    2015-12-21
55    Mechanical properties of hybrid fiber reinforced concrete (compressive, split tensile and flexural strength – toughness- permeability- durability    M.Sc.    ramezani, ahmadreza    2015-12-21
56    The mechanical behavior of concrete made with recycled PET fibers for structural applications    M.Sc.    Toofani, Morteza    2016-02-22
57    Probabilistic analysis of progressive collapse in Steel Structures    Ph.D    Mahdizadeh Gavgani, Kourosh    2016-03-14
58    Investigation of lap-spliced reinforcing bars in steel fiber concrete (SFC) under static and cyclic loading    M.Sc.    karimipour, arash    2016-04-18
59    The Bahavior of Multi-Layer Composite Clindrical Shells Subjected to Blast Load    M.Sc.    khosravi, amiresmaeel    2016-04-18
60    Behavior of steel-concrete composite beam-column and application for design    Ph.D    Behnam, Amirfarzad    2016-04-27
61    Deflection and Cracking of the Concrete Members Reinforced with GFRP Bars    Ph.D    Mohtaj Khorasani, Amir Mohammad    2016-12-04
62    Behavior of Two-Way Reinforced Concrete Slabs with Opening Strengthened Externally with GFRP Sheets Subjected to Cyclic Loads    M.Sc.    ESKANDARINADAF, AMIRHOSSEIN    2017-02-06
63    The behavior of concrete column to steel beam connections under cyclic loading    Ph.D    mohamadi, yaser    2017-02-06
64    Study the shear behavior of reinforced concrete beams containing steel and artificial fibers    M.Sc.    Al - Zuwaydee, Sabeeh Thamer    2017-02-27
65    The Analysis of FGM Plates with Opening and Stiffener Subjected to Blast Loads    M.Sc.    jome manzari, reza    2017-02-27
66    The mechanical properties of self-compacting concrete containing synthetic and steel fibers    M.Sc.    Rahi, Muntadher    2017-02-27
67    Strengthening of Circular RC column to foundation connections    Ph.D    MIRALAMI, SEYEDE MAHDIEH    2017-05-08
68    Effect of beam dimentions on load carrying capacity of RC slabs after a column failure in preventing progressive collapse    M.Sc.    Zafarmand, Ensieh    2017-06-18
69    Experimental Investigation On Exterior RC Beam-Column Connections Subjected To Cyclic Loadings Using Steels , Fiber Reinforced Polymers And Shape Memory Alloys Reinforced Bars    Ph.D    Rezaee Azariani, Hossein    2017-06-21
70    Wave propagation and stochastic analysis of saturated porous cylindrical structures under dynamic loading using meshless method    Ph.D    kazemi, hamidreza    2017-07-05
71    XFEM Modeling of Cohesive Crack Propagation in non-temperature Saturated Porous Media    Ph.D    Baygi, sajjad    2017-10-04
72    Seismic Evaluation of Self-centering Concrete Coupled Wall System with Post-tensioned Steel Coupling Beam    Ph.D    Zareian, Mohammad Sajjad    2018-01-29
73    Punching shear slabs made of ECC concrete and magnetic water    M.Sc.    hashemi salanghouch, behdad    2018-02-26
74    Shear and flexural strengthening of RC beams with fiber reinforced SCC concrete    M.Sc.    Shabani, Hamed    2018-02-26
75    Effect of corrosion on bond behavior, tension stiffening and resistivity in ultra high performance concrete specimens reinforced by high strength rebar    Ph.D    khaksefidi, samaneh    2018-03-07
76    Permeability and corrosion resistance of recycled aggregate concrete with magnetized water    M.Sc.    Arefipour, AmirHossein    2018-03-12
77    The toughness and durability of recycled aggregate concrete using magnetized water    M.Sc.    Youssef, Ali    2018-03-12
78    Retrofitting Reinforced Concrete Structures Using Shape Memory Alloys Rebars    M.Sc.    Husaini, Jawad    2018-05-28
79    Membrane Nonlinear Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structural Members with Considering Planar Fiber Elements    Ph.D    Yousefi, Behrooz    2018-06-12